20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES20)
Mekelle University, Ethiopia

"Regional and Global Ethiopia - Interconnections and Identities"
1-5 October, 2018

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DisciplinePanelNumber of ALREADY Accepted Abstracts
01 Archaeology, Paleoanthropology & Heritage 0101 Inter-Disciplinary Interconnections for the Scientific Growth of Ethiopian Archaeology7
0102 Practices of Archaeological Researches and Conservation of Archaeological Sites in Ethiopia11
0103 The Aksumite Ceramics to Reconstruct Social and Trade Intra-Interconnections5
0104 The Foreign Projects Meet the Ethiopian Universities. Several Cases of Studies in Ethnology, Ethnography, Linguistics, Archaeology, and Experimental Researches.3
0199 Archaeology, Paleoanthropology & Heritage – General Panel11
02 Arts & Architecture 0201 Contemporary Ethiopian Art Scene: Drawing Heritages from the Past, and (Being Engaged in) New Aspects in Art3
0202 Ethiopian Christian Art: Defining Styles, Defying Definitions5
0203 Ethiopia's ecclesiastical painting traditions: influences, development, technology, and conservation8
0204 Ethnomusicology Studies in Ethiopia4
0205 Multifaceted Customs and Cultures of Ashenda, Ayniwari, Shadey, Solel1
0206 Museums and Development in Ethiopia13
0207 Music and the Dynamics of Contact in Ethiopia4
0208 Musical Instruments and Performance of Peripheral Societies of Ethiopia8
0209 Personal Adornment in Ethiopia: Regional and Global Influences on Local, Regional and National Dress, Jewelry and Tattoo/Body Painting.2
0210 The New Rock-Hewn Churches of Ethiopia: Continuity or Revival?3
0211 Traditional Building Technology and Comparison with Abroad6
0212 Transnational Entanglements of Cultural Festivals in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa3
0213 “Art History, Church Architecture, Liturgical Development and Historical Issues in Tigray”: Inter-Disciplinary Researches8
0299 Arts & Architecture – General Panel5
03 Economics & Development Studies 0301 Ch’at in Ethiopia14
0303 Development and Labour on the Horn: Outlining the Contours of a Key Relationship8
0304 Enabling Infrastructures, Redefining Territories: Ethiopia’s Regions Beyond Rural or Urban Bias7
0305 Lands of the Future. Time for Innovation. Can Ethiopia Still Set a Global Example for Equitable Development?13
0306 Vulnerability and New Solidarities Among Ethiopian Pastoralists: Renegotiating Power and Identities in Ethiopia’s Pastoral Borderlands5
0399 Economics & Development Studies – General Panel16
04 Education & Pedagogical Science 0401 Ethiopian Art Education: 21st Century Art and Skill Learning; A Requirement and Responsibility of Artists, Art Educators and Art Institutes.1
0402 Workshop Panel for Junior Scholars on Horn of Africa Studies3
0499 Education & Pedagogical Science – General Panel11
05 History of the States and Peoples of the Region (Political and Cultural) 0501 A View from Afar6
0502 Borders and frontiers in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa after 1941.10
0503 Entangled Histories and Traditions: Pre-Modern Ethiopia and the World8
0504 Ethiopian Vis-à-vis Oromo and Islamicate Studies: Change Trajectories3
0505 Ethnic Identities of Amhara Region4
0507 New Evidence on Slavery and the Slave Trade in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa10
0508 New Perspectives on the Relation Between Ottoman-Turkey and the Ethiopian Region2
0509 Polish Ethiopian Studies in a Global Context5
0510 The Medieval Ethiopian Dynamics (12th-17th c): State, People, Space and Knowledge in Movement6
0511 Trade, Routes and Travel: Ethiopia in the Pre-Modern World3
0513 Rethinking Ethiopian Studies10
0514 “Cartography and Itineraries”: Territorial Knowledge and Spatial Networks of Ethiopia and Its Neighbors in Historical Maps and Itineraries12
0599 History of the States and Peoples of the Region (Political and Cultural) – General Panel18
06 Human Geography, Environment & Ecology 0602 Developing Waters, Crafting the State, and Remaking Society in Ethiopia5
0603 Ethiopia and the Ancient World: Reception and Transformation of Geographical Knowledge9
0604 New Water-Energy Paradigms? Ethiopia’s Expanding Hydroelectric Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities for Domestic and Regional Energy Futures2
0699 Human Geography, Environment & Ecology – General Panel33
07 Law, Governance & Political Economy 0701 Historical Dimensions of Citizenship and Belonging in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa5
0702 “Justice from Below” Panel 1: Searching for a Right to the City in a Transitional Urban Ethiopia.5
0703 Legal Pluralism in Ethiopia. The Interplay of International, National and Customary Law18
0704 Local Government in Ethiopia: Democratic, Developmental & Accommodative of Regional Minorities?8
0705 The Political Economy of Ethnicity and Cultural Identities in Northeastern Ethiopia6
0799 Law, Governance & Political Economy – General Panel7
08 Philology, Literature & Linguistics 0801 Automatic Text Processing and Digital Humanities for Ethiopian Language and Culture11
0802 Linguistic Challenges and Change in Multilingual Ethiopia15
0803 Multilingualism and Ethiopian Languages: Linguistic Change and Social Practices1
0804 Quantification and Numeration of Objects in Space in Ethiopian Languages.9
0805 Past, Present and Future of Editing Ethiopian Texts: Regional and Global Perspectives13
0899 Philology, Literature & Linguistics – General Panel38
09 Political Science 0901 External Actors and Forces and Their Impact on Politics in Ethiopia7
0902 USA and Africa: From Berlin to San Francisco and After4
0999 Political Science – General Panel7
10 Migration Studies 1001 The Feminisation of Migration: Perspectives and Experiences of Gendered Migrations Within and Outside of Ethiopia5
1002 Trends and Dynamics of International Migration in Ethiopia16
1099 Migration Studies – General Panel3
11 Population & Gender Studies 1101 Gendering Reproduction and Fertility Control in Ethiopia6
1102 “Justice from Below” Panel 2: Gendered Approaches of Social Justice in Ethiopia: Women, Redistribution and Recognition4
1199 Population & Gender Studies – General Panel5
12 Social Anthropology & Cultural Studies 1201 Archives and Collections for/in Ethiopian Studies6
1202 Changing Intersections of Environmental Shocks and Local Institutions in Ethiopia: Debates and Case Studies 5
1203 Film Panel: Ethiopian Studies Through Image, Sound and Beyond: Perspectives from Ethnographic Films 5
1204 Global Schooling and Local Learning in Ethiopia5
1205 Globalisation and Rural Ethiopia16
1206 Guardians of Productive Landscapes: Farmers and Farming in Ethiopia9
1207 Health, Religion, Inequalities and Development.14
1208 Interconnection of Human Society with Animals in Northeastern Africa6
1209 Local-Knowledge Studies Reconsidered; Creativities, Transmission, Sharing and Beyond.8
1210 Re(thiopian) Studies: Homage, Challenge, Advance? 1
1211 The Abbay (Nile) Quest in the Ethiopian Popular Imagination and Belief System16
1212 Tourism Development8
1299 Social Anthropology & Cultural Studies – General Panel12
13 Studies of Religion 1301 Christian-Muslim Relations in Ethiopia8
1302 Ethiopian Christianity: Global Interconnections and Local Identities18
1303 Monasticism in the Horn of Africa? Comparative Considerations Beyond the Christian Tradition1
1304 Revisiting Islam in Ethiopia: The Dynamics of Its Heritage, History and Culture12
1399 Studies of Religion – General Panel4
Grand Total681